Sunday, July 29, 2012


  •  We will be playing in the downtown Oakland area. Specific location and boundaries will be decided by participants.
  •  Rules will be consensed upon by participants before the game begins. Show up 1 hour before the game starts to participate in this discussion and decision making process. There are many variations of Capture the Flag, so every group will choose rules that work for them and can modify them to keep the game dynamic and fair. Please refer to Wikipedia for basic rules and variations.
  •  People are encouraged to bring anything that will help them get the flag down the field or assist in team communication, walkie talkies for instance are very useful. Real life items of any kind, no rules except those made before the game.
  •  No hurting anyone (obviously)


  • Step up, step back. We all have awesome ideas that need to be heard. If you feel that people are using oppressive speech or marginalizing yourself or others, please ask for facilitation.

1 comment:

  1. Capture the Flag has a barebone essence: retrieving a banner from a hostile territory. From there, creativity, innovation, speed, communication, and planning all take a role- whichever team can organize the fastest wins. BRING LOTS OF SNACKS AND WATER :). Sunday!